Monday, 20 October 2008

Happiness is the Road

The new Marillion album has arrived in it’s jiffy bag. A double CD with two books of photographic art work, lyrics, credits and of course the list of nutters from the Marillion “family” who parted with their hard earned cash some months back to pre-order and hence pay for the production before a note was played. So yes my name is in there. Marillion have pioneered the use of the internet to connect directly to their fans since the 90s and this is the third album they have funded through a direct appeal to the faithful to pay for a special issue of the finished result before they begin to make it. This one is currently only available direct from Marillions on-line store.

Like many of their albums after the first listen through I’m thinking… “Hmm need to listen again”. After another few listens (despite my daughters protests) it’s a classic Marillion album. Very much more Marbles than Something Else was. The lyrical concepts are pretty neat as well. It’ll be in the player for a long time to come before I grow tired of it I think.

Stand out tracks are… Happiness is the Road, This Train is My Life, Woke Up, Half the World, Whatever is Wrong with you. Whatever is Wrong with you is the first single off the album and the subject another Marillion invention – they are running a competition for fans to create a video on the subject. The one with the most views on YouTube by 1st Dec wins £5000!

“Find a better way of life at”.


  1. You must enter! Why, even I may enter and I don't even like Marillion. Or I might if I'd ever heard them ...

  2. my only talent is sitting drunk on a toilet ..
    I wish i loved music the way you do ..
    sweet're so tender