Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer Storms

Like many people in the southern UK last night we had disturbed sleep due to the thunderstorms.  Can't say though I'm too unhappy to see the back of the heatwave, I know that only a few weeks ago I was sat at home with a fleece on bemoaning having to put the heating on in June!  However I'm not a hot weather person, it gives me headaches, makes me listless and can be a trigger for my horrible vertigo attacks.  The really horrendous one I had in the USA some years back was triggered in temps above 30°C.  Yesterday my son, his girlfriend and I escaped to a Chinese Restaurant for lunch - it's biggest saving grace was bottomless glasses of drink and air con!  Then we spent the height of the day in the cinema watching "The World's End" - funny film, if you like Shuan of the Dead you'll find it funny, not as good as that film or Hot Fuzz the other two in the "cornetto trilogy" and nowhere as good as Paul but a funny and cool couple of hours.

Of course the rain led to "severe flooding" at Gillingham meaning my train was delayed.  I didn't even see anything worthy of being called a puddle but there is always some good excuse for a 15 min delay when they can think it up!

Son-of-Furtheron returns to Wales for the last time today, he is heading back to pack up his flat and we are off down there at the weekend to complete his move out.  After 5 years it will seem odd him not being there, he has been there more than long enough to qualify to play rugby for Wales!  Later next month I'll be shifting all his stuff up to the Midlands for his next adventure.

Daughter-of-Furtheron, who is the only one in our family who loves the heat is missing it - she is in even hotter Spain at the moment on a school watersports trip.  She's having a great time we believe from the sparse contact, she wasn't best pleased the coach broke down and what should have been a largely overnight 18 hour trip became 36 hours on the way down.

In other news - my mother-in-law is back home, she is coping well although I was just having my tea on Friday night when her neighbour called saying she'd fallen in her garden, she couldn't get in to help her and she couldn't get back up.  I rushed there with visions of A&E etc. but luckily she'd tripped and was on her knees but couldn't straighten up - little damage done.

Oh in other news - some baby has arrived who I doubt I'll ever see on the throne and if you think about it he himself will probably not get to be king for the next 70 or so years probably, I mean there are two others in the queue ahead of him and they both look healthy enough and the current monarch doesn't show any signs of going anywhere does she?


  1. I'm glad to hear a good review on World's End. I loved Shawn of the Dead. My favorite scene is in the bar when Queen's Don't Stop Me Now is on the jukebox and they're bopping the zombies in time to the music.

  2. Oh we know ALL about the new baby here in the US. Sometimes I think we're more fascinated with all things Royal than their actual subjects! (But I have to admit - I was a huge fan of Diana, cried like a baby when she was killed and have followed her two boys as they have grown so I'm as guilty as anyone.)

    Since I'm in the southeast of the US - I know what you mean by hot and I hate it too.

    Stay cool.


  3. Seems strange hearing about heatwaves in the UK. That used to mean anything over 24ºC...maybe climate change is a reality.

    The royal baby *sound of throwing up* no offence to the wee chap, but I just wish the world's media would all just f*ck off. The activities of a bunch of medieval parasites is meaningless, mind you, it's no more meaningless than the activities of the bunch of pseudo-celebs that grace most of our newspaper pages these days.

    1. TSB you should have witnessed the utterly crass coverage of them leaving the hospital last night, I had to a) turn the sound off to stop the inane commentary b) switch over once it had finished as they were clearly going to repeat it, again and again and again and again... So found a programme about crocodile hunters in Australia, far more value!

  4. Apart from some heavy rain during last night we've missed the thunderstorms and rain. It's a little cooler and breezier now though so that's nice.

  5. agree that excess heat can suck the absolute LIFE out of you! hate it! i find that it's easier to warm up than it is to cool down...