Friday, 26 July 2013

A Chapter Closes

I've hired a small van for the weekend so rather than celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary with Mrs F I'm off to empty Son-of- Furtheron's flat in Wales. After 5 years of him living there this is the last time I'll go there. Apparently there is a carnival procession through the town on Saturday possibly in recognition of this momentous event ... Or maybe not ;-)

Daughter-of-Furtheron is home from a week long watersports trip to Spain. Frankly not the best experience. The coach broke down in France on the way there so a 12 hour wait in a layby didn't cheer her up them coming back they missed their ferry slot through another coach problem. She is hoping to go again (third time!) in 2 years time by persuading her teachers to let her go as an instructor. She no doubt will succeed!


  1. Spain... by coach? She must be dedicated!

  2. Salutations to the Wife, and the Daughter of Furtheron :). Kisses.

  3. put shiny christmas lights and ornaments on the cargo van! what's a parade without some sparkle! enjoy the travels - and happy anniversary!