Monday, 8 July 2013

Are you a donor?

A friend of mine has a daughter who has for many years had a chronic kidney condition.  This has led to a difficult life and one that presented her with a considerably shortened life expectancy.  This weekend however a miracle happened, she was alerted that a kidney might be available for a transplant.  I followed the story via good old social media the way you do these days, through the run to the hospital, confirmation the kidney was available, the agonising wait to see if it was a match, the joy that it was, the op late last night and the good news this morning that all is looking good so far in her early recovery.  There is a super picture of the recipient with the biggest smile you can imagine.

Of course there is a tragedy behind this good news story - an otherwise healthy person who sadly died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage.  However the fact that person was on the organ donor register has meant this life giving opportunity to my friends daughter.

Are you on the register?

Wales is moving to make it that you have to "opt out" soon, there will be "presumed consent".  Think about it, I realise people have different views but think about if you needed a heart, kidney, liver,  etc. You could only receive that if someone like you makes the decision to go on the register.  We all hope that nothing will happen to us, but I've attended too many funerals of people younger than myself this year already, sadly the unthinkable does happen.  My family know that I'm on the register and know that if they find themselves being asked there should be no hesitation I am a very willing donor.


  1. Oh I am definitely on the register her in the U.S. as is my husband. I even insisted that my boys register as soon as they became of age...even though it creeps me out and my unfounded superstitions come to the surface when I talk about it.

    I just think that it is so important to do this one, last, selfless act.

    However, here in the US it is imperative that your family understands your wishes. If a family member contests the use of your organs, even if you are on the register, the use of them could be delayed or denied. For that reason, a living will and clear instructions to your family (no matter how difficult the conversaton)is very, very important. In fact, it's life saving.

    Okay - I'll jump down from my soapbox now. So glad your friend's daughter is doing well. I'll say a quick prayer for her speedy recovery.


  2. Somebody commented on the organ donor card I carry in the side of my purse recently. To tell the truth I'd forgotten about it but I would like to think that my bits - though they're getting a bit old and worn out now - might be of some use to someone.