Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Back home...

... they'll be watching and waiting...

(Now - no prizes, but extra points for anyone to get that odd lyric reference)...

We have a full house again, after a few days of just Mrs F and I with Daughter-of-Furtheron back from Spain and Son-of-Furtheron temporarily with us until he can move on to his new "apartment" in the Midlands it is a bit like the old days with a full house.  To be honest this'll be one of the very last times like this as when S-o-F moves out that'll pretty much be it, that will be him moving out really.  According to the Royal Mail which we used to check his address details it is an "apartment" not a flat he is moving to... honestly it becomes more like America everyday with the "season finale" replacing "last of the series" etc.  Soon we'll have "overtime" on the football - heaven forbid that becomes soccer!!!  Anyway I digress this wasn't intended to be a rant about the Americanisation of the English language.

S-o-F has been trying to sort his room out - he is a genetic hoarder a bit like me, he seems to just gather stuff about it, clothes, shoes, books, magazines, computers etc.  He has done a good job so far really.  Once he has decamped to the Black Country we're planning to revamp his room, now his is a man in his 20s the old cabin bed seems a bit out of place so we're planning on getting a sofa bed which will be better for when he and his girlfriend come to visit.  It'll be quiet  a good little project as well, we're going to replace the carpet which has seen much better days as well - I think we put that down soon after we moved in well over 20 years ago now.

I was talking to a friend last night who was made redundant from a job earlier this year - they'd been with the same company about 28 years, in a couple of different locations etc. but essentially the same thing in retail.  They started a new job yesterday, they are training into a totally new field in the care field.  They had a lot of the same reasons I've started to make the move I'm making with the counselling course.  They realised that they only were doing the job they were doing because they'd always done it and that it was the easy option but they've taken a brave and bold step into something new that they hope will give them greater inspiration.  Whatever that conversation both inspired me regarding my move but also raised the fear of  "What is I fail?".  Well as ever that is the old negative projection talking, I've not started yet and I'm concerned about not doing well where the centre I'll be attending have a 100% pass rate... for those that stick the course... don't start that again!!!... ;-)


  1. Sorry. I'm drawing a blank. And no guessing after a Google search. That's not fair.

    I'm also sorry to see your beautiful language compromised by our bastardization. Sincerely. Unfortunately, globalization is usually an euphemism for U.S.-centric.

    It'll be weird when my daughters fly the coop. I don't think I'll like it much (unless, of course, they turn into horrible shrews in their teens, in which case I'll probably encourage it).

    1. If you had got the lyric reference I'd have been hugely impressed ;-)

    2. So what's the song?! I don't know about anyone else but I'm dying to know. I would have loved to hugely impress you. Too late.

  2. Fear is what keeps me where I am, not just in my job but in all areas of my life that could be better. The unknown is just so scary, but better to tackle areas slowly and over time. Which is what you're doing for your future. I am happy for you, and also that you have a full house again. It sounds bittersweet but mostly hopeful.

  3. It's a bit cliche, but you really only fail if you never try. And I'm sure you're going to do great in your new career.

  4. That lyric is sticking in my head...I wonder if I really know it or if reminds me of something else. Is the next word "anticipating"?

    Anyway, I am nowhere near you are with the boy(s) leaving the house. I have another 15 years before that happens and will probably be in a walker by then. That's what happens when you have kids later in life...lol. Pros and cons of it all, I suppose.

    I understand your fear of going into a new direction in your life. I haven't done it work wise, but certainly in other ways...lol. The fear of failure is a big one for me as well. Old thoughts, as you say, eh? Who needs that? We certainly beat ourselves up enough out there. Don't need fresh fodder for it. I know you'll do great, Graham. You certainly set your mind to things, and remember that we're not in charge of the Big Plan :) You're meant to be where you are now.

    As BBB said, it all does sound hopeful. :)


  5. although both of my children have moved on, there are rare moments when we are all three together under my roof (or last year, under the roof of my daughters apartment). doesn't matter where it is, but those moments when we are all together bring me a transitory degree of contentment i can't find in any other way... not that i wish they would both move home and live with me forever! far from it! it's just knowing that time is short and those moments are rare.

    and congratulations again on making a bold move to pursue your passion, rather than just punch a clock!

  6. No, don't start that again!

    Strange days when your babies eventually move out for good.

  7. Good luck in getting S-o-F out to the Black Country. S-O-TSB first left in 2005, and has been back about 4 times. He's still here now, and he's 28.

    We're thinking about selling our house and moving to a flatter area in preparation for the decrepitude of old age, and I think I'll need a hazmat suit before entering his room.

    You're correct. You have to do a job you really enjoy to get more out of life. I changed tracks completely 20 years ago, from retail to education, and never regretted it.