Sunday, 19 August 2012


We've been on holiday... to the Cotswolds.  Finding little places like this.

Big places like this

And lots of things like this...  the girls weren't so keen on the trains for some reason!

An old fashion family holiday for us, although with the additional of Girlfriend-of-son-of-Furtheron (GOSOF - that doesn't work!).   We stayed in a farm converted into holiday cottages which was lovely but in the middle of nowhere, seriously to get a phone signal required gymnastics in the rafters.  I didn't realise how quiet it was until lying in bed this morning in our little quiet suburban street I wanted to scream out the window at the cars and planes and people on the way to the shop to shut the hell up!

I'd love to live in Bath I think, really lovely place.  Still back to the grindstone now...   Sorry I'll drop by blogs as I catch up with life!


  1. Glad you had such a lovely holiday! Enjoyed the pictures - looks beautiful there! Welcome back!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, Graham. Glad you had that quieter holiday.

  3. We've been to the Cotswolds 11 times in the last 9 years (3 visits in 97). The kids still love it (even now at 12 and 15) - and us oldies too.

    If you go back - base yourself at Stow on the Wold, where almost everything seems to be only 20 minutes away.

    This visit we ticked off Gloucester Cathedral ('mazing), Sudely Castle, Stow Farmers Market and a walk near John Entwistle's country pile (Quarwood).

    Must sees are Bourton on the Water, Broadway and the Slaughters. I'd also recommend getting the Ordanance map OL45 and busying your own way around the footpaths and Bridleways

    1. Did Gloucester and did look at the cathedral but weather was rubbish unfortunately that day. Bourton on the Water very nice but too busy with coach parties...

  4. Glad you had a good time. Family holidays are the best.

  5. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time and you took GOSOF - no, you're right, it doesn't look right, does it? LOL I love those old trains and being by the water, just beautiful!

  6. thanks for the glimpse of holiday life! Bath is on my list of 'must see' places!

  7. GOSOF coming with you. That must be quite serious then!

  8. I've actually been to the Cotswolds. Very lovely place. My father-in-law was an ex-Pat living in Maidenhead and he took us there when we visited them.

  9. I used to love the Cotsolds...all those quaint villages, the rolling hills, the warm creamy stone..but the last time I went the whole area was packed with tourists to such an extent that it removed all the charm