Friday, 3 August 2012

Gigs Galore

Right - the promotional tour for The Man Inside is underway... ok ok that may be stretching a point a bit but I have got some gigs lined up!

Several are open mic nights but I'm planning to get there early and get a slot and see how it goes.  Also I've been asked to play a Songwriters Showcase at Canterbury which I'm really looking forward to as it'll be my first gig as a 50 year old!

All up at my music site for info.


  1. If you find yourself up our way, you'll have to sit in on our Songwriters Circle. We meet every month and try out our new ideas. My EP comes out in the Autumn: we'll have to trade!

  2. I changed the link on my page to this site instead....good luck!!

  3. Disregard - the link you provided was better - my bad!!!

  4. Well done, Graham. May be a bit early to give up your day job, but things are heading in a positive direction.