Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Best bit of the Olympics so far...

Ok London2012 fever is here!  My daily journey to work takes me on the train right through the park, underneath it in a tunnel apart from the station!  I sadly can't see anything but the traveling has been ok, I'm getting up earlier to get in by 8am so I can leave and get the train back before the crowds heading in for the evening events... the athletics start on Friday that may make life more difficult!

Anyway the best bit for me so far was the Men's 200m  Butterfly final.  Phelps beaten at his last meeting in an event he has not been beaten in for 11 years - and in the last few cms as well.  Amazing.   Then the BBC interview live with his overcome Dad was just pure TV gold, hats off to the BBC for doing that - I doubt a non public funded broadcaster would have taken the risk.

The BBC has a great story about it.  Watch the race then the interview which is on there as well...


  1. hey mate. aussies going shit in the pool this time around. they making such a big deal about it on the news here. cant they realise its like cricket.....if u always win its freaking boring as. and if we do real bad this time round they got somethig to work towards in 4 years time. lol. xo lilly

  2. This is a great story! I was a bit indifferent about the Olympics but have since embraced it. It's a nice diversion and only comes along every four years. I like it!

  3. I am going to have to watch that. Shoot, I cry at drop of a pin, the piece will probably take me down :). I love London. Wish I could have traveled there to see abit of it, but living there? BETTER. Olympic will NEVER come to my town. At least if my town is always here.

  4. Too bad they don't have an event for music composers. That would interest a lot of us, I think.

  5. Are you going to see any events?

    1. No sadly we didn't get any in the initial ballot of tickets - it appears if you were prepared to be really tenacious and keep trying at every opportunity - sadly I just haven't got the time really to do that