Thursday, 12 July 2012

Book Review - Templar Conspiracy Paul Christopher

Another in the genre of modern day Templar novels, i.e. the Templar are still out there in someway.  This one seems to pitch them as bad guys - headed by a crazed lady who is trying to get her son to be president of the USA.  I will be honest I only bought this as there was a multibuy deal and this was the best I could see in that with whatever else I bought.

Firstly - this is in a sequence and I've not read the others so that possibly didn't help my opinion of it but I wasn't impressed and won't look to go either forward or backwards in the series.  Too many people double crossing here and there, the plot is complicated possibly overly so but also there is little or no exposure or analysis of the characters, you're left with very 1 dimensional visualisations of them, the baddy is bad - very bad - the good guys can do no wrong and have endless tenacity etc.  There's a bit where one of the good guys says "This is where people go to the cops and there is no story if this was a film"... yes you know what was said back...

Poor.   A thumbs down on the FITUBRS

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