Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11 questions tag

I don't normally do these tag things... but I'll do this one, ignoring the rule about tagging others... anyone wants to have a go please do...  I was tagged by vicariousdancer

1. What is your signature food dish?
 Chinese I prepare two or three dishes as a mini-banquet or curry, Chicken Kashmiri
2. What hobby/passion/activity did you enjoy in the past that you wish you had kept up with and what is the main factor keeping you from taking it back up again?
 Rugby - kept getting injured!  I also played flanker (back row forward) at school but by time I was 19/20 I simply hadn't bulked up enough for that position and was playing center at times which I didn't enjoy as much.   Now - the fact I'm nearly 50 is the biggest issue there!
3. Which fairy tale do you relate to the most?
  Ugly duckling
4. What is the song that you can sing best?
  One of my own :-)   I Used To Know Her
5. What was the weirdest thing that someone ever said to you and how did you respond?
  Crickey - too many to mention.  Possibly when my focal counselor in rehab in my third group session said "Dropping the many faces you portray to the world will be your hardest challenge".  Not weird but painfully perceptive - I flipped told him to do something I doubt was physically possible for him to do, threw a book at the window and stormed out... 
6. What smell do you find most offensive?
  Lillies - sorry some flowers give me awful headaches and Lillies are right up there as soon as they are in the house I hate it.
7. What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal or doll as a kid?
  Buffy - he was a bear who lost both legs and one arm over time, had them stitched back on etc.  He is still sat on a chair in my attic, I just can't throw him out even now.
8. What do you secretly suspect you could do well, but you have never tried?
 Write a novel
9. If you were going to picket a cause, what would your sign say?
  Rebel without a clue
10. Who wants to live forever?
   Someone who isn't living in today.
11. What would be the title of your memoir and who would you dedicate it to?
   What did he just say?   My wife for putting up with me and my kids for inspiring me.


  1. I loved getting this glimpse of you! I still have a toy from my childhood too. It's a little lion who's nose kept falling off LOL

  2. You need to write that memoir, I love the title :)

    1. The family thought the title of the memoir totally apt for me!

  3. Mine is a stuffed turtle. Orange shell, and black velvet head and legs... i still have him. The long running family joke? His name was "Turd". i was a little kid - i didn't know any better!

    enjoyed your answers!

    1. You would have thought a parent would have kindly steered you away... still I had a colleague who's name was Jeremy Fisher (his parents hadn't heard of Beatrix Potter... what?!) and another mate who played bass in a band with me he was RICHARD Whittington - he always stressed that it wasn't to be shortened... he hated his parents who thought it was funny!

  4. Love your answers! Thanks for participating. I tried to make the questions fun and a little different, and I'm glad because I got to see a bit more of you. :)

  5. You so have a novel in you! A memoir would be fantastic too. Those would be great on the nightstand.