Monday, 30 July 2012

And then more come along...

As you'll know regular readers my album The Man Inside is now available.  (Note gratuitous plug there - seriously folks this is so cheap it's painful and I'm extremely grateful for any sales :-)).  I thought I'd probably sit back and think about some other musical directions etc. for a while - but surprisingly or maybe not I've found myself inspired to write a couple of new songs!  One is an old chord pattern that has been lying around for a long time - donkey's years actually - that I was playing through and suddenly a couple of lyrical lines hit me and fitted so well that I've sat down and written a complete lyric for it.  I get the feeling that it is one of those that'll need some additional work to get the lyrics really where I want them but it is at least 90% there after this weekends work. 

The other number is a very typical one to my recent output on The Man Inside (second gratuitous plus :-)) and started as a little chord pattern that sounded good, I slightly reworked and then again a lyrical idea fell into place and after a little more refining and finding some additional "bits" for a bridge/breakdown section again I'm really pleased with that.

So maybe this is telling me to carry on with where I am and what I'm doing and not look too far ahead for anything else.  I once was at a workshop hosted by Gordon Giltrap where he said more than once that you need to focus on one stream to push for success - that has recently been ringing true in my head.


  1. You need to update your bio and add some more self plugging:-)
    In two days I wrote 9 poems...and a short non fiction piece, I try to ride the wave


  2. Sounds like you had some wonderful experiences. (Within the last few days some music came back to me, the beginning of a childrens' fun song I started years ago. This time with some added verses.) I hope you can move ahead with your discoveries.

  3. Plug away, if you don't -who will??

    Good luck with your writing...

  4. I've downloaded you onto my iphone, but haven't played it yet. Don't smack me! I'm a little focused on trying to get through my ladies band camp this weekend, so I'm playing all my clumsy beginner songs and trying not to over-intimidate myself.

    But the songs I have heard from playing your stuff online are killer. I will definitely put a plug for you on my site if I survive my own debut performing in a real freaking music venue in NYC.

    1. Thanks for the plug and I know you'll be fine on the band camp

  5. Carry on? Carry on! I'd like to see you try and stop. An impossibility. The tunes will rattle around inside your head for the rest of your days.

  6. i've been enjoying your CD -- playing in the car (where i have my only CD player, as i am a bit of a luddite and have an ancient iPod).

    Fascinated by the process of writing music -- and appreciate the insights into the process through this post!