Sunday, 19 February 2012

Muppet Movie!

Yes we went to see the Muppet movie :-) 

Now for me the Muppets were an integral part of my adolescence - the shows they used to have on the TV were just great entertainment, Fozzy with his awful gags, the hecklers, the chickens, Gonzo and his mad stunts, the Swedish Chef and of course, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, the resident band - who were a great influence!  What a great name as well!

Ok so the movie is centred on a great muppet fan who finally gets to go to LA and go on the Muppet Studio tour.  However this blurs truth as the show was originally recorded in Hertfordshire England!  When he gets there it is a ramshackle place virtually forgotten and about to be pulled down.  He sets out to find the Muppets and put on a new show to save it.

The Muppets never age and the gags are there in spades for the adults.  My daughter said I wasn't to laugh out loud!  But she was laughing all the way through!

Two brilliant bits that show this shows timeless qualities.  Kermit and Miss Piggy have broken up their relationship but are forced together due to the show to save the studios.  There is the poignant moment when Kermit is apologizing... a young girl behind me in the cinema was leaning forward in her seat saying "Tell her... Tell her... Tell her you love her"... brilliant!   And Walter the fan has a piece in the show which when he finishes leads to a standing ovation - the little girl next to us sat on her Mum's lap by now, it is long for under 5s, burst into the applause as well.  Beaming smiles and all.  That is why the Muppets should never die!

A picture of Jim Henson with Kermit is on the wall of the old celebrities on the wall in Kermit's old office at one point - a lovely touch by the makers.  

So recommended by me - might be best if you at least have an under 10 we did stand out a bit with our average age of 37! (Just a good job my daughter was with us!)  Still my son took his girlfriend to see it as their Valentine's night out!


  1. There is over here... maybe not been out in the USA yet

  2. I STILL haven't seen it! I suck!

  3. Are you a man or you a Muppet of a man?

  4. Still work-in-progress on figuring out that one John actually ;-)

  5. the muppets are wonderful because although they look like fabric, felt, etc ( and no effort is made to HIDE this) the characterisations are truly real and impressive....
    I could never get chris to go and see this movie and couldnt do what I usually do... and go alone.....
    I would look too much like a pervert
    ( a sad statement in itself)

  6. Oh that sounds good. I wonder if 2 is a bit young ... Maybe I'd better wait until it's out on dvd.

  7. It must be fate. I was checking out a few of your posts, and for some reason, your 2012/Feb tab was open and I saw this post title. Wild!

    My favorite Muppet movie will always be the original... Kermit sitting and playing "Rainbow Connection" (sigh). I must have watched that movie 100 times as a child, and I still have a good bit of it memorized.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Christy