Monday, 27 February 2012

Did you go to the Oscars?

Or the Brits?  Or the Grammys?   (Isn't Grammys spelt incorrectly?  It isn't an apostrophe meaning a belonging to Grammy and if it is a plural of Grammy then surely it should be Grammies?  - just thinking...)

No?  Well neither did I.   It made me think, does every industry have these big award things?  Well for IT in the UK we have the annual BCS awards - no I didn't get an invite to them either.  However that looked quite a glitzy affair from the photos.   However there wasn't much coverage on the 10 o'clock news about those awards or the Cost Sector Catering Awards 2011.  I was pondering the fact that the industries that probably least require any more publicity since they are all about publicity in general (film, music, tv etc.) are the only ones that get mass media coverage but I'm sure the winners of the Social Care category in the Cost Sector Catering Awards are as deserving of recognition (if not more so probably as by definition they don't have endless budgets to produce their entries.  But that is the way of the world the fluff and glitz of show business gets more attention as ever than the real heroes in the world helping others everyday to live a little bit better life.


  1. I loved Billy Crystal's observation that nothing can take the sting out of the world's economic situation like watching a bunch of millionaires present each other with gold statues.

  2. I think it must be a proper noun and therefore not have all the ies business.

    It is all a bit silly and undoubtedly fuelled by silent industry politics. I just watch clips to see if the loser can successfully appear nonplussed. I think even they know it is a bit silly too.

    Anyway, what are you moaning about? I made you an award a few weeks back in my guess the number competition. You got a lot of attention. There's no pleasing some people...

    ;-) P

  3. Was talking with coworkers about how sad it is that the oscars get all that attention and we were all like, yes, of course we watched them but that's hardly the point. We watch them to see who's wearing the oddest dress or who looks somehow flawed and like an ordinary person, or we watch to see Sacha Baron Cohen stick it to the man, though he's really just promoting his own movie so is that any better? Sigh, I wasn't invited to the insurance underwriting awards, so probably I'm just jealous.

  4. I never watch any award show..well, okay, maybe I'll watch the Guy's Choice Award's on Spike because it's all about action flicks but that's it. I never know the movies or the songs that get the awards anyway. I'd rather see awards handed out to our Wounded Warriors and the like, but that's just me.

  5. I used to be invited every year to a dreadful black jacket and tie do in Blackpool for some kind of Wholesale Florist Distribution Awards, or something. The whole thing looked utterly shabby and self-congratulatory. Managed to find an excuse every year (children are so useful sometimes).

    1. At the end of the first 7 words in that I was thinking - Oh My Lord this guy used to get invited to the Oscars! Funny - my whole argument blown apart as my own fawning to celebrity is exposed... oh well...