Friday, 3 February 2012

I am not a robot

Now I know from personal experience the problem of comment spam on blogs - that is why I have comment approval switched on ... and in case the nut case who thinks I should kill myself since I'm a self confessed alcoholic wasting the public's money  (he/she had clearly not really grasped where I was in my addiction) ever comes back... same comment 10 times one day - whoever they were they had a major problem, I hope they are better now not just trying to harass someone more vulnerable. However...

Lot's of blogs I comment no now pop up one of those phrases to type in, at least with blogger I can read the things - one site recently after 6 refreshes I gave up as unless I developed some 6th sense I was never going to discern the characters obscured by various arty monochrome hashing and swirls.  These pop up with the witty little tagline "Just to prove you are not a robot"... I know I'm not a robot but ironically this is a robot asking me to prove to it that I am not a robot...   Hmm are we actually one step away from the nightmare scenario played out in books like I Robot etc?   I have tried typing - "you prove you are not a robot first and I'll play ball"  this is rejected... by the robot... as it is insistent I play the game to its rules to prove I'm not a robot.

In the words of Little Britain.. "Computer says No!"


  1. Internet bullies, don't you just love 'em? So terribly brave to take anonymous pot-shots at a stranger...

    Sorry you've had to resort to the dreaded moderation device, but I can see why you've done it. It's a relatively minor inconvenience to live with, for the sake of silencing any foaming-mouthed goons like your 'reader'. Gah!

  2. Oh dear. Silly people.

    They say that silence is the best response to a fool. I find it incredibly effective, myself.

    Either that, or keeping them in dialogue for long enough to pick up their IP address and then mentioning the Adult Protection Policy, and the very nice police person you know who knows the policy like the back of their hand and knows how to use it.

    Silly people are just so...silly, aren't they?

    :-) P

  3. I'm with you ...I've only had one or two nasties but boy did they affect me..silly I know but I try to be positive in my posting and add to life rather than take away. You know that I really appreciate your blogs! keep up the good work!

  4. hey mate... i crave anonymous comments. the ones who choose to stay anonymous should honestly grow some balls or fuk off. man up and tell us your name because why take advice from something un named..... hopefully that makes sense. On another note you are a now-clean reformed addict and nothing beats that. love your tracks, xo lilly

  5. As Oscar Wilde said "Always turn the other check. Nothing irritates your enemies more". And use comment moderation.

  6. Haha, funny post. Love Little Britain too, though not the US version on HBO, which has the original cast but very little of the original funny.