Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Is he talking about me?

Funny some weeks back I posted on here that I was sort of moving more towards SoundCloud as the window on the web to my musical endeavours.  However almost no sooner had I said that than I had a new host of people who've become fans at my Reverbnation site.  How the wheel of fate churns... so I've decided to have a SoundCloud and Reverbnation widgit on here now.

Also I've found some stunningly good music via this as well.  If you want free music to listen to you can do a lot worse than heading over there and plugging into some of the artists.  Clearly play my stuff first then look at the artists I recommend and just look about.  I've found really good metal artists, great folk singer songwriters and others.

Finally one such discovery on there led to one guy (Markke) putting this comment about my material on my site.
From the rhythmic catchiness of "All At Once", to the gentle acoustic sensitivity of "Partial", to the haunting contemplativeness of "Round & Round" & "The Man Inside", intertwined with the playfulness of "Within" & "Waterfall", Graham Hunt plumbs the depths of his soul with his memorable melodies, sincere simplicity & revealing introspections. His music is steeped deeply from the rich folk traditions of England & Scotland, & his guitar work is highly skilled, intricate & delicate

One word... Humbled!


  1. I love Graham Hunt! My favorite is Let me Love You Tonight, a great wedding song for guitarists to learn.

    1. If anyone does - please ensure you get it right on the song list you submit to PRS as the song is registered with them and I'll get royalties! :-)