Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A colleague just really surprised me.  We'd been talking about favourite foods and stuff the other day - we had a charity cake bake competition underway... I didn't bake, just made a donnation and eat!  She just came in and said "I've some Biriani I made last night left over - there is enough for you".  Simple little acts like that stun me at times do you know - they really do.  Largely as I often fail to perform such acts myself.

Darn - should this have been on the other blog... whatever.  Remember I'm in two places now - the split personality coming to the fore!


  1. Probably, haha :) Oh yeah, the split personality.. I have it too. But I niched my music blog even narrower to make things easier.

  2. That's really lovely.

    I love that you have 2 with the same name!