Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Recent Reading

Bernard Cornwell - The Pagan Lord

I've just finished Bernard Cornwell's "The Pagan Lord" - I bought this for my Kindle with a birthday Amazon voucher my sister kindly gave me.  I like Cornwell's stuff and have read most of his books except any of the Sharpe series for some reason.  This latest one was the continuation of his Warlord series with Lord Uhtred the pagan lord of the title.  Uhtred has had an interesting life - a fictional character set against the reign of King Alfred and then afterwards.  This is afterwards with Edward on the throne of Wessex but a move by the Danes in the north of Britain to push south and take the dream of a united England away again.

Uhtred has been banished after a disagreement with the Christian church has led to him kill an Abbot.  But with a small band he disrupted the Danish plans and becomes again the hero of the Saxons.  Great read with much terrific research by Cornwell in to a time when little is truly known of what went on in our country.  At the end you think that Uhtred is dead but Cornwell does leave a teaser about a follow up novel in his final notes.

Ben Elton - Two Brothers.

I'm still reading this but I think it is going to be one of my reads of the year.  Set against the backdrop of post WW1 Berlin two brothers are born to a Jewish mother.  You then fast forward to 1956 to meet one of the brothers no living in London and there is a dark past waiting to come out.  I like Ben Elton's writing, many of his novels have had a degree of lightheartness about them but some are brilliant works, I think this will be in the latter category.  I thought his book "The First Casualty" a really really brilliant read.

Ken Follett - Triple

Another great Ken Follett thriller - I really love his thrillers and have been working through the back catalogue when I see them cheap in the Kindle store.   This is a great one, based on a small report from the Daily Telegraph that pointed to the suspicion that Israel agents probably hijacked a cargo of Uranium in the late 1960s this fictional account intertwines a group of old friends from Oxford University into a web of espionage and  intrigue.  First class stuff with high degree of believability in it throughout.


  1. This sounds like something my hubby would love to sink his teeth into!

  2. I have some of the books/authors you mentioned when we met in my reading queue. I tried to find that bbc show, but it's not available here yet :(