Sunday, 20 October 2013

New and Old.

One of Fender's classics from the 1970s that had so far missed the re-issue bandwagon was the Fender Starcaster.  Whilst we've had all the various Telecaster versions featuring the wide range humbuckers the large bodied, and even larger headstocked, Starcaster was missing.  Until now.  No doubt due to Killers guitarist Dave Keuning use of a Starcaster in recent years Fender have brought it back, and currently retailing in the shops at about £610 it looks a really tempting proposition.

My only minor gripe is that there are a few significant changes from the original.

Here is the reissue (courtesy of

and here is an original... (via Ebay where this one is up for sale at the moment)

So the differences? 

No master volume control - like good old John Birch you could wind down or up a pre-mix setting with both pickups on.  Not a great loss but you're a knob down on the deal!   More for me a shame is that the original followed the Fender tradition of through body stringing using a modified strat hardtail bridge - similar to a Tele Delux or Tele Thinline (2nd version).  The use of tunamatic bridge on the re-issue no doubts keeps the costs down as they don't have to tool up for a special bridge plate but...  it loses a lot of the Fender character to me.   Still nice to have it back at all really so I'll not moan too much.


  1. While I will admit that the lack of master volume knob is a negative, that is easily fixed! Drill one little hole, a little soldering, and voila!
    The string through body is the one that is pretty significant. That takes a lot more work to do.
    More importantly, I agree that it is just great to have it back. And at a price point that actually makes it feasible to get. I'll let you know if/when I get it and what mods I get.
    But I am curious, is it available in Europe? Have you actually tried one? They are supposed to ship at the end of this month in the U.S. According to my local guitar shop Fender is sold out for this production run based on pre-orders, so they won't be everywhere in the U.S. I hope to get to try one soon, but it probably won't be until December or next year. Let me know if you get your hands on one!

    1. It is here seen several in London. Not tried it.