Monday, 14 October 2013

New music... and isn't Amazon clever

Some new music I've been listening too.

Alter Bridge - Fortress.

Hello did I put on the wrong album?  The first few bars are a really nice acoustic guitar solo, a bit Spanish in nature and I was wondering what was going on...  but then Cry of Archilles kicks into the drums, bass and heavy guitar riffs.  Oh yes Alter Bridge on top form - Miles' voice soars in and this is all very good territory.  On the whole a little heavier than their normal fair to my ears, with one track The Univited reminding me of the music Metallica should be producing.  Highlights... hmm - too many but probably Waters Rising is the stand out track for me - following a well worn Alter Bridge formula, nice finger picked intro with laid back drums and bass that kicks up when the chorus arrives.  Yes they nailed this as Creed with the other singer but hey if you have a formula that works why break it?


Right - this is the version with the new singer... like Alter Bridge is to Creed, but they kept the same name... but then so did the singer - so there are two bands with same name... confused?!

Ok so this is the one with the new singer again.  And much better I listened to both albums and this is a Queensrÿche album of old, La Todd is a great singer and fits in well.  I really like this album and if you turned away when DeGarmo left and think they went down hill after Empire try this out - I think it is their best album since that opus probably.

Highlight - In this Light - just a mega track, great arrangement, guitar playing and the vocals are superb!

Newton Faulkner - Studio Zoo

The big lad with the ginger dreadlocks is back.  And is he back, this is the best album since his debut I believe.  Excellent production, writing and playing throughout.

This is him warming up in a basement before a record store appearance with Treading Water which is one of the highlights off the album.  Note the Gomm/Legg like retuning - but note that young Newton doesn't use Banjo pegs just his ears... astounding!

Finally aren't Amazon clever.  I bought two of these albums with a voucher my sister got me, along with a new book for my Kindle.  Now if you buy a physical CD from Amazon (I'm old school!) they give you an MP3 download for free!  Better still log on to their Cloud player and everything you've bought through them before is available for you to play - I've loaded this on my phone and whilst conscious of data charges where I have wifi I can listen to anything in my library.  Also most you can download again - so remember that album I got rid off 'cos I wasn't sure - I can try it again.   I know they want to trap me in and kill off Manny's in Chatham but sorry it is flipping clever isn't it.

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