Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Why have one blog when you can have two!!!

I created a Wordpress blog a while ago, more to grab before any bugger decided to impersonate me!

Recently though I've seen most people are using Wordpress, I've also seen some very impressive sites with huge functionality developed in Wordpress and finally - it is the blogging tool of choice at my employer and we have a new web site launch in the offing with a desire for us to blog more about our work.  So I started to play around with it.  Then a friend asked whether I could help them set up a web-site.  After a chat I thought a blog was the best kind of site for them given the plan for their work.  So I agreed to show them what to do to set one up.  In the end I've learnt a ton of stuff being pushed by the person new to it, which has led to me improving my own Wordpress blog although it has still much room for more improvement.

But now I'm stuck with a dilemma - continue here or move and direct everyone to there or just have two blogs and play a game of "guess what post will appear where?"...

If you are a regular follower and use some form of RSS aggregator like Feedly or follow people on Wordpress you might like to add to your list...


  1. I changed my site not long ago. Even picked out a new name. It is now a self-hosted WordPress site. The positives are that I like the WordPress functionality better and it opened my site to new readers. The negatives are that I lost a lot of my regular readers in the transition. For anyone with a normal, healthy constitution, this wouldn't be an issue. But I'm a comment whore and it gave me the blues. I’m not bragging about my condition. I hate it. It’s needy and unattractive. But, honestly, if my comments ever go down to zero, I doubt I’ll ever write another post again. Sad, innit?

    I'll add this new site to Feedly. As a regular reader, I'd vote for eventually concentrating on one site. Perhaps a slow transition over instead of just pulling the plug the way I did?

  2. Just keep in mind that and self-hosted wordpress are two different things. has lots of limitations and if you want to do anything at all to customize your site it costs like 100 pounds a year, while it's possible to find hosting and a domain name for under 50. may be a good way to learn the interface, though.
    As for having two blogs, I think you should stick to one of them. And my advice would be to choose Wordpress. It's so much easier to read and comment there.

  3. Surely your name is telling you what to do? Guitars on one blog, Life on t'other. Simps.

  4. One of the bloggers I visit is on wordpress and it drives me mad because it is so slow. Just a warning!