Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Not much to say...

A quite time for me.  Unfortunately the course I was planning to start hasn't started in the way I'd hoped for. I'd planned to do an intensive one day a week course starting in September, which would have meant cutting a year off the overall study time.  But sadly at the last minute the company running the course had too many drop outs/non payers and had to cancel that.  They run a less intensive evening course starting in October and I should have a place on that but it is a little disappointing and frustrating.

This issue has sparked off some irrational brain activity as well since I'm not earning as much as we generally pay out each month.  Now I knew this when I went part time, although one of the principal reasons has gone i.e. the course is no longer a day time commitment the studying around it is still needed and I need to look for some relevant voluntary work once I start.  But the fear of economic insecurity has not left me - I'm not really financially insecure anyway we have a reasonable sum in the bank, it just it is now begin to go down, which I knew it would, but once it starts happening my brain goes... This is it, you'll soon be destitute and on the streets.  Negative projection - it's a bummer at times really is.

I've been busy on some other things though, we've been reconfiguring Son-of-Furtheron's old bedroom now he has moved out.  It has been long over due really he has had for many years a cabin bed, bunk bed idea with storage and a pull out desk underneath, but even until very recently the desk has been a necessity when he was home doing course work etc.  But in particular a small bunk bed isn't ideal when he visits now with his partner.  We offered it to my nephew for his son who apparently had already been nagging him for something like this, so big dismantling operation and transport to their house over the weekend and we've seen the pictures of it all re-assembled and the little chap looking ever so happy about it. 

I then ripped out the old and disintegrating carpet and got a new one fitted. We're going to get a sofa bed thing that pulls out in to a double bed from Ikea which will be a better solution in there now, even offers us a more "guest room" as well - although we've never had guests like that really!


  1. Life's schedule is like a lump of clay. It shape-shifts. You have to adapt. Your "negative projection" is also known as being responsible. More people should practice it.

    Perhaps you never had guests because you couldn't accommodate them the way you can now. Just wait and see what happens when word gets out.

  2. Oh yes...that negative projection. All I can say is breathe and call bullshit on your thoughts when they begin to run wild.

    We did the same thing with our twin boys' bunk beds when they grew out of them. Now when I visit my friends it's so lovely to see them put to good use by their son. He LOVES them.


  3. It's weird thinking of changing my son's room. I've never been overly sentimental, but it still seems like it's his space. But I guess he's not really moved out like your son.

  4. I found it very hard "going part-time" (which was a bit of a misnomer since I was starting an MA so would be working in one way or another full-time). I had a list of the economies I could make, but it was a struggle, and unfortunately my money ebbed away too far. So well done for seeing that looming on the horizon.