Sunday, 15 September 2013

There's a parakeet in the tree

We went on another university open day with Daughter-of-Furtheron yesterday.

Usual stuff, registration queue in the rain, rubbish coffee machine, accommodation tour by students who tell you it is all "awesome", daft questions from some parents, getting lost finding a room, talk in a different room to that advertised and lecturers who may be top in the subject but drone on and on in the subject pitch - all of which now have the same format regardless of institution.

However I stupidly noted a parakeet in a tree outside during one of these and pointed it out to Mrs F with a whispered aside that titles this post who then only paid attention to the gathering of others nudging me throughout with an updated count! (post publishing update - I looked them up and they have a page on Wikipedia no less. It claims at least 6000 of them nest near there. One fanciful theory blames Jimi Hendrix for it all!!)

Still it was a nice place and Daughter-of-Furtheron liked one of the courses so tis on the list to apply to.  And it seems to have wild parakeets in the trees!


  1. Ha, what a description. Imagine if the droning lecturer had asked you to "pipe down at the back!" (Then you could have passed each other little notes).
    I'd love to see some wild parakeets in a tree here. It would be awesome ;-)

  2. A parakeet is as good a reason to choose a school as any.

    And, man, I hear ya about the daft parent questions.

  3. Seems bizarrely inappropriate that the selection of an institution for higher learning is boiled down to a sales pitch but I suppose that's the way of the world. Why am I so surprised?

  4. ha! Sounds like counting hats in church, with parakeets being more interesting and lovelier to look at. I have some time still, but already dreading all the hoops to jump through for college.

  5. Near Windsor/Staines? Elder Son lives near by and I was amazed the first time I saw them there.

    1. Yes - just around the corner, Twickenham area.