Monday, 31 December 2012

Kit guitar build part 1

Enthused with the kit and being on holiday (one advantage of my job is we get oodles of holiday) I've made a start on the guitar.
I sanded both the body and the neck with 120 grit then further with 240 and finally with 320. Then to the finish. I don't have anywhere to spray and I like natural finish and feeling guitars. I found Wudtone finishes and I am going with an amber one. The neck I have decided to use Danish Oil on as I've seen others use this to good effect.

Below is the body after sanding, then with the first base coat applied and then the neck with the first coat of Oil on it.


  1. This is so cool. I'd love to do a project like that except I'm no good at woodworking. I'd somehow end up with a cello or something. A really rickedy cello that sounds like a trombone when played.

    1. That is the advantage of a kit it is a lot easier than building from scratch!

  2. Oodles of holiday? That really IS an advantage! Don't lose your appreciation for it.

    I caressed the photos. Hope that's not weird.

  3. Looking good so far. I'll be jealous when it's finished ......

  4. wwrock on !!


  5. That looks like fun--and I notice you've got a nice manly den thre!