Saturday, 1 December 2012

Juan Martin - Live at The Brook Theatre Chatham

Last night Mrs F and I and four other friends went to see Juan Martin live at The Brook Theatre in Chatham.  Firstly again The Brook is a lovely little venue, the old Town Hall with a fantastic sound and feel.

Juan Martin was just stunning.  Now I really only know him from his Picasso Portraits album from years ago where as a tribute to Picasso he wrote pieces inspired by the masters great works and fused it with a modern rhythm section.  A really really good album and was for a while a regular on my old turntable. 

Juan knows flamenco inside out.  He talked of the history of different regions and influences, his influences in writing his pieces and what he tries to bring into them.  Many times I was just lost in the music and not sat in cold November Kent but in sunny warm Andalusia!

He used a new guitar for all tracks bar one built for him by Stephen Eden for Lewes.  Frankly just stunning sounding guitar.  Fantastic night all over.

(Thanks to P Shannon for the photo)


  1. That says a lot when you were so lost in his music you forgot how cold it was outside. Glad you had a good time, Furtheron.

  2. i am a fan of smaller venues for a lot of reasons, but seeing such a talented artist relatively close means you can watch the fingers and hands and see more subtle body movements. sounds like a lovely event!

    1. Indeed it is almost like having a private recital in your front room almost. He was most gracious claiming we were a knowledgeable audience based on the volume of applause for the more traditional pieces - but I think some of that was based on his clear commitment and enthusiasm for those

  3. I always like to hear about your favourite artistes, as I've never heard of them before, and always enjoy them when I search for them on YouTube.

    One of your earlier posts mentioned Andy Mckee and I've been a fan ever since.