Tuesday, 11 December 2012

... if we work for them.

I was reading another recovery blog and was reminded of the last bit of the AA promises...

"They are being fulfilled among us—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them."  

The actual promises are irrelevant really but the point is that you will get improvement in your life, if you continue to work the AA programme.  This isn't a rant about step this and that, to me everyone works the programme in a way suitable for them and I firmly believe as stated in the last step you have to embed the new learnings and way of life into all my affairs - i.e. I have to live a new life in a different way in every aspect of my life.  That is what I've spent the last 8 and a half years trying to do, at times with more success than others.

But reading Bye Bye Beer's blog earlier suddenly made me think of a couple of recent incidents, just ordinary life stuff, nothing big etc. but in which I found myself reacting in a particular way a calm way, a humble way ... but I only realise this by this reflection enabled through someone else sharing their experience.

This is how AA and its programme works for me.  The changes are slow and slight but massive and amazing in reflection and in light of day.  I'm no longer an out of control rambling drunk who was more a liability in most situations than an asset.  But it is all a journey, I can't let up I have to keep on trying, working and reflecting on these things to be sure that I don't lose what I've gained so far and that no set back is so disturbing that the only solution is a drink.

For normal drinkers and non addicts you'll read this and probably say "What is this nutter on about?".  However I think many who are on a road to recovery will see and inkling in what I've said here about progress rather than perfection.  :-)


  1. Lol...there are times where things happen and I go on about my life and bam it hits me, I just handled that contrary to how I would any other time...wow, big stuff for a guy like me...

    It is fun reading your blog, you use brit english and I use amer english :-)


  2. Here's to your continuing and contented sobriety!

  3. there's wisdom in this for the non-addicts as well. perseverence wins. and by 'wins', i mean 'gets you toward your goal'. whether it's designing and building a new widget, or working through your own demons...

  4. So glad you were pleasantly surprised to notice progress when you stepped back. To me, that's what I always wanted/hoped for in sobriety. Thank you for including that passage as well because it is a reminder that some come quickly, and others take time. But that doesn't mean that changes aren't happening slowly, behind the scenes. This is just a very uplifting, hopeful post - thank you and happy holidays.