Friday, 14 December 2012

Horrible dream

I had a horrible dream last night, in fact I'd call it a nightmare and I don't really ever recall having one quiet so disturbing.  I'm sharing it here just to get it out of my head - I had to talk to my wife first thing this morning as well as I felt so disturbed by it.

I dreamt I murdered my son.  Honestly - the actual killing was brief in the dream I know we had a disagreement and I hit him with something and then hid his body.  The setting was oddly bizarre as well.  It was in a back street garage type place, you know the kind where there are as many rusting hulks as cars being actually worked on.  I hid his body under one of those cars.  My wife was in the dream and knew about the killing and we were behaving in a manner to make it look like we knew nothing including going to the garage and talking to others expressing concern over our missing son.... just awful.  I still feel bereft as a result of this.  Several times I was trying to cry over this but couldn't as I was the cause...

Right final weird twist... Newton Faulkner (or someone who looked remarkably like him anyway) worked at the garage as well, I think, he did owe my son money and that was somewhere wrapped up in the whole motive thing.   So odd... and scary

Please DON'T analyse this - I'd rather not know how much my head is screwed up


  1. Well, I wanted to analyze it because it's really nothing but you said not to, so I won't tell you that it means.....

  2. I was going to say exactly the same as Elsie, so I won't tell you it means......... either.

  3. Who knows what makes our brain dream up dark, disturbing things like this. I'm sorry you had it though.

  4. I won't analyse it either - but I will just let you in on the fact that I sometimes have the most awful, horrific and incredibly disturbing nightmares, which don't go with my nature at all. I have no idea where the scenarios could come from - but I decided it's my subconscious giving me the worst possible things to have to work through 'safely' to give me some kind of mental armour in my real life, and because nothing in my real life could ever be quite that bad, reality will always compare favourably! I'd rather not have the nightmares, though... so I try to keep off the late night cheese ;-)
    Hope yours is fading now and you have sweet dreams tonight.

  5. Hugs. Our kids make us a little nuts sometimes. Ding beat yourself up over it.