Monday, 1 August 2011

Moving on

Bad Company - first album, Moving On one of my favourite tracks of theirs however that isn't the point of this post...

I can reveal that the life changing event alluded a post of two back is actually not that interesting... I've got a new job that is all. Just couldn't post that on here until those that needed to be told were told, not that any of them have probably any clue about this blog but I just thought that people needed to be told confidentially first. Anyways all sorted now...

I've landed a local - well as local as my old long term job and current assignment - i.e. about 40 mile commute - IT project manager role with a well known and respected company. It'll remove the stress of wondering where the next assignment will be and no longer have to face any weekly or long term working away from home.

It isn't that there is any problem with my current employer, nice company, lovely people and interesting work for the most part but I just hated the being away from home when required. However looks like the new company has a much stricter policy on acceptable use of the web and browsing blogs at lunchtime may be off the menu.

Other stuff in the Furtheron household has been that we have had the pleasure of Son-of-Furtheron's girlfriend staying the last week. S-of-F was giving her the tourist trip around our neck of the woods, Whitstable, Canterbury, Rochester then up to London for a day - I think the girl will be glad to have a break away from his breakneck tourism :-)

Daughter-of-Furtheron returned from Spain with new skills under her belt, I need to buy a boat apparently as she is an expert sailor now she reckons and one day as a snorkeling session finished the options were to walk back over a load of rocks or swim open water about 1500m across the bay directly back to the town.  She was the only one who took the second option and beat them all back and one of the instructors admitted to being mighty impressed.  Anyway she is off to the other end of the Med today to Turkey on the holiday with her friends family.

We had a big family BBQ in the garden on Saturday for S-o-F's impending 21st.  It had to be this weekend rather than next which would be closer as D-of-F will be in Turkey!  Great time, many laughs and great food etc and the weather was good for us as well so it was an afternoon in the sun for us all.

Mrs F and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary quietly as well this week, that was a day!  Anniversary, I picked up a new car I'd bought, told the client that I was leaving in September, D-of-F arrived home from Spain... and... well something else might have happened that day, all a bit of a blur!


  1. Sailing really is a fantastic skill. Especially if we keep running out of petrol!

    Congrats on the new job. I hope the transition and changes are going well, even good news can be exhausting and a change can wear us out. Make sure to drink lots of water and eat lots of protein!

    Great to catch up with your blog...I wasn't able to visit much during our road trip so good to "see" you again!

    Best of luck with new projects!

    I am job hunting...please cross your fingers for me lol!

  2. Life's good, isn't it?

    Staying away from home is a real strain so I'm glad you're going to be commutable.

  3. That song is going to be with me today now, thank you--which it's not a bad thing, just drudges up some odd memories.

    Where the heck has time flown to?

    Happy Anniversary and best wishes from AJ!

    Trying to get back to this blogging stuff, wish me luck...