Monday, 8 August 2011

Busy times

I was off work for two whole days to celebrate my sons 21st birthday.  Thursday we went to the cabinet war rooms in London.  Very interesting place, actually the huge museum on Churchill's life was the biggest interest for me.  How can one man have done so much in his life?  He was instrumental in the introduction of some of major social reforms in this country - namely national insurance, state pensions and labour exchanges.  Then of course all the first world war stuff and of course the second world war... what an utterly amazing man.

Lunch was at The Hard Rock Cafe... the original in London.  I was defeated by the huge portion that was piled on the plate!  We ended the day getting throughly ripped off by having a cup of tea/coffee in Harrods.  Mrs F is still mumbling about the £20 bill for the four of us.  We declined having scones which were over £8 each!!!

Friday the crack decorating team of Mrs F and Son-of-Furtheron who had completed all the painting of Daughter-of-Furtheron's revamped bedroom called in yours truly to complete the wallpapering... it all looks really good I can't wait to see her reaction when she gets back from Turkey early tomorrow morning.

Saturday was a shopping day and then Sunday we went to Brands Hatch to watch the British Superbikes which was a really good day out too with Son-of-Furtheron trying out the new camera we had bought him for his birthday.  I know little about these things but it has 18megapixles... which sounds like a lot and the quality of the stuff he showed me last night was brilliant.

Next weekend Mrs F and I are off to a friends wedding near Bristol.  Then the weekend after that the Furtheron family jaunt to the Lake District will be under way!!  Busy, busy, busy

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