Monday, 8 August 2011

Gig Review - Iron Maiden The O2 5-Aug-2011

One of Son-of-Futheron's 21st birthday "treats" was for us to both go and see Iron Maiden live at The O2.  Fortunately over the last few years they seem to have either toured very close to his birthday or Christmas making some of the present buying simple!

For once this was quiet a straight forward set from the boys, in that there were a few tracks off the latest album and then a bunch of classics thrown in - given other tours have seen them playing "Only tracks from the first four albums", "One tracks from the last four albums", The Powerslave tour set, the entire A Matter of Life and Death album etc.

Anyway - as ever Maiden didn't disapoint with a big grand space ship style set and from the word go it was classic Maiden.  Steve Harris in front of the monitors thumping away on his bass, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith in usual poses - i.e. Dave with flowing hair and solos a plenty and Adrian with his odd little robot like feet action... of course stage right as you looked at them Janick Gers was straight into his demented marrionet mode - how he moves like that and plays a guitar is beyond me!  Nicko kept perfect time from behind the enormous kit and lord of the stage Bruce was in fine voice and running about like a nutter as well.

Interesting fact...  Dave Murray has a sig model available from Fender but he doesn't use it at all and in fact in this set used a Les Paul for several numbers - Adrian Smith used his signature Jackson on a few but predominantly his battered old Les Paul Deluxe goldtop... Mr Gers stuck to his usual brace of battered Strats.. and he is the only one of the group not honoured with a Fender signature model, hardly seems fair seeing he has apparently more loyalty to the big F than the others - well except Steve Harris who used his Precision complete with West Ham logo throughout.

Highlights... 'strewth too many to mention... El Dorado off the new album was really good, 2 minutes to midnight, Fear of the Dark, Wicker Man and The Trooper but frankly wholes thing still shows that Maiden continue at the top of their game.  Long may they continue to as well!

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