Friday, 12 August 2011

equilibrium restored...

I have to be honest my equilibrium was a bit awry at the beginning of the week.  I know some of this was due to the riots - it really did affect me emotionally, I was frankly scared, I don't think for my own personal safety/wellbeing but for my countries, my communities etc.  I still feel that there is much much more to be learnt from all this.  Sadly there was a protest at the start of this that may have had something political, something about social inequality and about how we communicate with groups and society.  But the vast majority of what has been shown is just wanton looting, theft, violence and causing damage for damage sake.  Then to try to justify this people talk about the lack of opportunity and that they were trying to take from the rich.  Lost on that argument - why were you attacking shops owned by people in your own communities then?  Even attacking the large conglomerates makes no sense in that argument as the people who will suffer are the store managers and employees if that company decides that they'd rather not suffer the inevitable insurance price hikes, increased cost of security etc... so they close and people in your community are out of work.  Baffled by it all.  I think there is a point about how society today glorifies possessions and greed and consumerism and that young people without work feel victimised.  However the list of people being convicted includes many with adequate jobs.  Times are hard for people but everyone has a choice to make?  Do this and harm people or don't and don't harm people.   Maybe some better education about love and respect is due - and please don't make that a compulsory flipping GCSE with target grades for various areas - that isn't what is needed at all!

So anyways - I feel a bit better about it all - somewhat as I've now analysed what I can and come to my opinions on the matter and also realise I can do this and that but generally little else to help - I can't don a superman outfit and fix it all which is what I'd have love to have done the other night as I watched the reports of the spread of it coming in.

So the good things in life... England doing so well in the cricket, the Radio4 long wave commentary of the cricket, I'm off to a friends wedding this weekend, knowing where my kids were on the nights in question and that they weren't involved at all, whatever may happen in the country I'm still a darn sight better off here than in much of the rest of the world, being sober, having opportunities, having love in my life, ... in all my life is good at the moment ... and I'm back on a more level keel... :-)


  1. Yes! Alan is also concentrarting on the joy of the english side doing so well at cricket. I can't comment ...being from Belfast!!yes we have we are rubbish at it!

  2. GLad to hear that personally things are good for you.

    Call it a pack mentality..riots never solve anything. Chaos is corruption of a gentle society.

  3. I take my hat off to anyone who has blogged about these riots. I've tried - and just sat facing a blank screen. I do think that if we are a civilised society, while not condoning the actions of individuals, will see past those actions and address the underlying issues that cause civil unrest.

    I do get frustrated when people are so quick to blame parents: its as if they think doing so "ringfences" blame.

  4. sorry to hear of your troubles. Better times for all of you. What is this GCSE?

  5. @Shawn - GCSEs are the standard examinations that English and Welsh students take at end of year 11 around 16 years of age.

    In the UK that is the minimum point have to reach to then leave school.

    We don't have a "graduation" from school as such, you take as many GCSEs as you are capable of and they are graded from E through to A and A* (called "Astar"). Pupils and schools are constantly under pressure for number of passes, number of passes at from C grade above (considered a "good pass") etc.

    It is purely a numbers game... my daughter will end up with probably about 14 or 15 GCSEs by this time next year, she already has 3 or 4 now.

    Sorry for the long answer hope that helps a bit...

  6. Thank You. Yes I have a better understanding of what I read.