Sunday, 8 May 2011


They come they go.

This one was similar to many, different from some.

Saturday - up early to get the car to the garage for two new tyres and a recharge of the air con system... Daughter-of-Furtheron met up with a friend which then turned into her sleeping over... oh yes I had to pay the friends Mum for out portion of their family holiday which my daughter is crashing in on! Anyway that meant Mrs F and I got a day just on our own so we headed off to local shops for a quick lunch and to buy some ingredients for me to make a Chinese for the evening. I tried a new recipe Chicken with Cashew Nuts and green beans - a definite success and one I've done before Beef in Oyster Sauce.

Sunday I had to pick up D-o-F from her friends but decided to buy a new lawnmower we'd seen on Saturday, our old one has been with us since we moved here 19 years ago and frankly has been making funny noises etc. for a while. I couldn't see the point of paying out £15 this year for a new blade only for it to give up the ghost. B&Q had a nice one similar to our old one for £89 so I got that and put it all together and gave it a test drive. I did think about one of these....

Which my son looked awesome but frankly for our back garden somewhat over kill! So with all I had to pay out this weekend my wallet is considerably lighter than it was on Friday :-(

I've been watching F1 - great race, Rally - good action, Rugby - terrific last weekend action, changing all over the shop brilliant.

Played a bit of guitar in prep for hopefully a mid-week appearance at a local Songwriters Stage night.

All in all a really good weekend...

Bum - a full 5 days at work!!! When's the next bank holiday? Oh yes end of the month!!


  1. A day of Q.T. with Mrs. F.O is worth a bit of a ight wallet, no?(quality time)

  2. yikes, although similar to previous ones, I hope all your weekends aren't as painful on the wallet!


  3. what is this obsession that my purse seems to have over getting rid of the money I've tucked away in the deepest pockets that I can find! I hope your songwriter noght goes well. Have fun.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend to me!
    No kids, Chinese food (that you cooked no less!) and out spending money!
    Just change that boring lawnmower into a new dress for me and it all spells perfection!


  5. A 19-year-old lawnmower? that's good going. Ours give up the ghost far more readily.