Sunday, 22 May 2011

Forever - Sue Menhart Band

I've been very privileged as I recieved a pre-release copy of Sue's new CD Forever.

Sue is an old friend and a huge talent. This is the third release and any long term / regular readers of this blog may remember her previous releases Gypsy Soul and Torn getting rave reviews on here.

For this 5 track CD Sue has broken away from her Blues-Rock style of the previous two releases to head in a more soulful, jazz inspired direction. She has teamed up with Ron Zabrocki who has in the past has produced luminaries like Mariah Carey.

The new soul style suits Sue perfectly - but to be fair the lady has enough talent to sing over the most inept of music and musicians and it still sound brilliant. The five tracks take us through a relationships lifespan, from the initial "love at first sight" to it's eventual demise.

Long term rhythm section of Kevin Clark and Dave Floret hold the tracks together with Zabrocki adding the remaining instrumentation which include some beautiful jazzy/blues guitar licks.

So another great step forward for Sue. I hope this is the breakthrough recording for her - she deserves it for all her hard work, last year she banged in 70 gigs together with the recording, writing etc. and she holds down a full time job to keep the wolf from the door. You can't say the woman isn't dedicated.

So pop over to her web site to see/read/hear more and the CD will be available from there or the usual places like iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD Baby etc. from 21st June.

Oh and if you are in the area the CD launch party is scheduled for June 18 at Burke’s Tavern in Niantic, Conn.

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