Thursday, 6 January 2011

The start I was hoping for... hopefully...

I was called up on Tuesday by a company that an old colleague and friend now works for in the USA. They are actually a UK company. I'd talked to my old friend about what I was settling on as my next career step. Basically more than one person has commented in my converstations in the last few months that a) I'd probably find a good cultural fit in a small company and b) I'd make a great consultant - i.e. someone coming to help out client companies with projects, programmes etc.

So this old friend works for just such a consultancy - they have an excellent reputation. I talked briefly with him about what I was looking for and he graciously has recommended me to them. I went and had an initial interview/discussion with them today. It went really well - yep there are some things that'll be a culture leap for me such as possible long term assignments based on the client site which could be anywhere and also the working for the consultancy not the client so there is an element in that job always of looking for the next opportunity for your company - not an issue just not something I've had to do before.

Anyway - they are arranging a second interview next week and it all sounded really positive and seems like the sort of company / job that I'd love to see as my next step. Here's hoping this is just the sort of start I was hoping I'd get in 2011.

Mucho happio today :-)


  1. Wow that sounds fun, so pleased things are going well for you :-)

  2. very best of luck for a new start in a new year!

  3. Congratulations! Good start to the year. But would you have to move to America?

  4. @Liz - no I probably didn't explain that well - the old colleague is a Brit who moved to the USA and works for them there, but they are a UK company and the job is UK based