Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some new songs

I'm drawn down a rockier band orientated muse at the moment.

So I've been recording a couple here is Looking for a Lover and Demons. Enjoy


  1. Good stuff.

    Just out of interest, what did you use to record the songs?

  2. @anon...

    A Boss BR600 - a simple 8 track simple recorder. However it has a built in drum machine that give the rhythm tracks and that is separate from the 8 tracks so more like a 10 track.

    However I rarely get near using all that! On these two it is simply, guitar, bass and vocals.

    On Demons - guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Custom through a mic'ed up Hughes and Ketner Dual 6L6 combo. Ibanez 5 string bass DI into the Boss and vocals via a Shure SM58 mic

    On Looking for a Lover - bass and vocals as above but the guitar was my Peter Cook Custom and was actually DI'ed and used one of the internal patches that I really liked the sound of for this one.

  3. Damn. That all sounds expensive ;)

    Thanks for your prompt response Graham.

  4. @Charles - well in some respects not that bad.... ok take away the Les Paul I'll admit that cost me an amount my wife has never forgotten! :-)

    The amp was £600 - a total bargain, it was "shop soiled" i.e. it had some marks on it but was brand new and pretty much half price - result!

    But Looking for a Lover for example... the BR600 is discontinued but you can get one for £200 still. The mic cost me about £100 but you could get a very adequate cheaper version and the two guitars one cost me £250 many years back and the bass was under £200 second hand.

    So about under £700 - yeah I suppose still a significant outlay but not remortgage territory