Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Music I'm listening to at the moment...

I'm listening to an eclectic mix of music at the moment. Belloheads Hedonism - you must listen to that great in your face folk music - trust me throw prejudice away and try them. Robert Plants latest, Steve Earl, Richard Durrant (classical guitar) and then I keep coming back to Heaven and Hell or Black Sabbath the line up with Dio singing. Why? Just brilliant metal that is why and also the sad loss of Dio meaning we'll never get any more. My son and I watched them live at Sonisphere 09, as they took the stage an ominous black cloud descended and the heavens open, how apt!!! But we stood in the rain and watched one of the best bands ever play a brilliant live set. Sadly we would have seen them back up Maiden at the same venue a year later but you all know what happened Ronnie James Dio succumbed to stomach cancer in May 2010 and sadly that was that. Here are two memories from that day... thank the Lord for YouTube :-)

This is Bible Black off the only studio Heaven and Hell album i.e. the last one the four of them made.

This is from the first Black Sabbath album with Dio singing - Heaven and Hell (confusing isn't it). I believe this was the first track the new line up wrote... this is Children of the Sea (poorer quality crowd shot one this)


  1. I've heard of Robert Plant ...

  2. My teenage son is behind me, studying for his exams and heard the music. He asked me who it was and I told him it was the guy that replace Ozzy after Sabbath gave him the boot for being a drunk and addict.
    It's amazing how many people think that Ozzy was the only singer for Sabbath. :)

    Great stuff!