Thursday, 6 January 2011

Some new photos of some of the collection

I've stuck these up at RTYD if you'd like to look - big thanks to my son for his expert wielding of his camera to get these

Find more photos like this on ROCK-TIL-YOU-DROP's Mature Musicians & Bands Network


  1. Love the black LP..Check this kid, a neighbour of ours, I remember when he first started to play and showing him a few shapes. Here he is 4 years on

  2. \GIT!! Lol!

    My son does a flipping good version of that - I tried to learn a classical version in Drop D but gave up - no sticking power me at times :-0

  3. I thought of you yesterday! I was in Exeter and we passed a shop selling china models of famous guitars, and I thought, 'They may have one of Furtheron's on there one day.'
    (And they were nicer than they sound.)

  4. i undertand nothing about guitars.
    but i enjoy linstening to.

  5. good gawd doze b sum sexxxy pics o gui-fiddlez!!!