Saturday, 28 August 2010

The Studio experience...

I spent 4 hours in the studio yesterday - you'll remember this was Mrs F's anniversary present to me :-)

What a great time! Firstly huge thanks to Nick of Broadwood Music Productions for all his help. Broadwood studios is a little studio in a small "enterprise center" in a village just along the road from us. Actually I go to an AA meeting there pretty much every Wednesday. The studio is small but with a lot of stuff packed in to it and all I could possibly need for my needs.

I'd gone prepared with several songs but, not surprisingly, we only got one done in the time we had - particularly given the arrangement/production I had in my head going in. We worked on Let Me Love You Tonight - which I've had a live version up on my Reverbnation player since I played it live at one of the RTYD Libertine gigs in Feb.

Nick got me to play the song through and then started with Logic Pro on his Apple set up. I've never really used software like this for recording so it was a real lesson for me. I've learnt a lot I can apply with my little Boss thing and it has made me wonder about getting a PC recording set up - however I do still worry I'll spend more time fiddling with the s/w etc. rather than playing/recording!

So we put down an acoustic track and then an electric rhythm one over some drums from EA Drummer. Then the bass and vocals. Then Nick performed magic coming up with some quick string arrangements which really add to the piece. Lastly I played the solo that I've been working on. We did about 5 takes and chose to use take 2 even though there are a couple of dud notes in there but I still preferred it over some of the others. Nick again cleaned up some string noise etc. quickly - showing me how the greats get those very clean sounding fingering... ok some of them might not need it but now I've seen that I won't so overly judge some of that in my playing.... oh yes and why did I never buy that Marshall JMP1 I once had on my wish list - plug in and within seconds I had the sound I had in my head - lovely piece of kit - can't understand why they dropped it off the catalogue.

Anyway - the final outcome of Let Me Love You Tonight is up at now. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Love your “Things I’m grateful for” list in the sidebar.

    All the best, Boonie

  2. thanks for your comment, l've just been over at 'claptons', listening to your recommendation....not familiar with this one...but thanks..lovely...

    just also enjoyed your 'let me love you tonight'

    saz x

  3. YES! The big sound I've been waiting for from you. LOVE IT!!!!