Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The bad old face of F1... the true art of saying sorry

Sadly Micheal Schumacher's return to F1 hasn't been great - to be fair it was obvious in the later part of last season that other teams were catching up with the new regulations and were getting ahead of Brawn (as it was then) which no doubt was one of Jenson Button's reasons for leaving - he is no fool and he clearly saw that to have a chance at retaining his championship he'd better be in a different car. However it isn't just that is it? Rosberg has pretty much looked the much more likely of the two Mercedes drivers to succeed this year.

However the ugly side of Schumacher has not gone sadly - and last Sunday the incident with Rubens Barrichello was just that. Luckily he did judge it just right or in a split second thought better of it but I thank God Rubens didn't hit the wall at nearly 200mph that would have been a very very nasty crash.

Schumacher won 7 world titles, has one of the greatest start to win ratios of any one - etc. etc. Sad that he has to drive like this. He has said sorry... hmm haven't we heard that before. Remember the blatant attempt to take out Jacques? To me if you say "sorry" that should mean that you have looked at the incident and concluded your actions at the time were wrong and that in future your actions will be different. Sadly I think at the next race in the same situation he'll do the same again ... and again in the face of complaint will say "sorry" but not actually adjust his actions again.

I always tried with my kids when doing the parental "You need to say sorry" to make sure they realised why they should say sorry and that they saw the error of their actions and that they wouldn't do it again. Normally I tried the "think of it from the other side" angle. It is a shame such a great icon in a sport doesn't relay the same message. I thought his return to F1 would be a really good thing spicing up the sport and having another genuine contender for the crown it hasn't been that at all sadly.

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