Thursday, 12 August 2010

Hi ho hi ho it's to the studio we go

My darling wife bought me an incredible present for our 25th anniversary. A slot in a local recording studio with an engineer on hand to guide me along!

It is only half a day but hopefully enough to have a go at at least 2 songs if not more.

When I opened my present, which we did a couple of days before the actual anniversary as we were going away as you'll recall, I was gobsmacked I have to say. It is just such a thoughtful brilliant gift for me.

I'm planning a studio version of "Let me love you tonight" - see the player widget on the right for a live version of that. The intro I've always thought of as a bass solo and I think if we can get a drum pattern on that and an electric guitar with a phaser... oh and the bit at the end where there is the instrumental with the diff chord patterns... guitar solo! I've been working one up in the last couple of days. It's an odd one - it's some mode (never any good and the names) as the tonality of the chords is in Em but are in sort of Cmaj / Amin... if that makes any sense... I know what I mean anyroad.

I've some others I've recently written needing to be recording - Running in the Shadows is a rockier song than much of my stuff so again a more "band" setting with drums and electrics might work well on that one so that is a really good one to maybe go with.

Then two others as reserves - Everyday - typical of my sort of stuff a little one that was written on a 12 string and also Strength of their hearts which is a newer one that again could use some "production" on it to bring it to life.

Anyway we are all booked in for when we're back from weddings in Scotland and climbing hills in the Lake District. I'll let you know once they are ready to be aired :-)

Hi ho ... hi ho... etc.


  1. Top stuff - do your prep before hand. Every second counts when the meter's running.

  2. Good luck. It's AMAZING how long recording takes if you get really technical and picky about it !

  3. what an awesome Mrs. you have, that has to be right up as far as gifts go.Have great fun using it.

  4. Hope you're having a great holiday and what a wonderful gift to return to.