Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My son's planet photos - available to buy :-)

My son has put some of his planet photos up on a website where you can buy them if you like them...

Have a look at his planet collection.


  1. Nice one. Tell Gregory I've just ordered a couple. Should look great framed.


  2. I've just ordered a couple too. Great stuff.

    Saw Rochester Castle at the weekend, as we took the boy to Diggerland and it's clear to see from there.

    You've got to send Gregory (and his camera!) down to Old Leigh and Southend for the day F-Ron, Old Leigh in particular would work so well. Leigh is very arty these days, and I could honestly see these going like wildfire if they were on sale in one of the galleries down there.



  3. But that is Essex Piley... we try not to even stop in Essex in case some scally has the wheels off the motor :-)