Saturday, 31 January 2015


I've seen a load of real negative stuff about some hearfelt tributes lately and I just feel a lot of the complaining is not only unjustified but hurtful to those carrying out the tributes.

Item one.

A new tribute to Randy Rhodes of the legendary track Crazy Train he made with Ozzy.  The comments are terrible - these guys were hugely influenced by Randy and this is their attempt to pay him tribute and all you get is people moaning away.  Not the greatest version - that is Randy and Ozzy's!  But it is noway as bad as the comments would have you believe.

Item two.

Gordon Giltrap on Facebook admitting sheding a tear when listening to some old Bert Jansch tracks.  Someone accused him of "name dropping"... sorry?  This is Gordon Giltrap and he was a friend of Bert's and hugely influenced by the man.  This troll so got to Gordon he posted and apology which most other fans instantly told him was more than just unnecessary.

Item three.

Kirk Hammett of Metallica has broken open his piggy bank to buy the legendary Peter Green/Gary Moore 1959 Les Paul.  Now some years ago when Gary sold this to pay off some debts he had it was then reputed on the market by the dealer who bought it for $2million!!!   It ended up in a rich man's collection.  Kirk has bought it to play it - using it live on Whiskey In the Jar the trad tune made famous by Thin Lizzy - therefore relevant as although not on the original studio recording Gary will have played that tune on that guitar during his Lizzy stints.  Again read the comments... OMG!  This guy has millions of album sales and can afford it and is out playing it again and still they moan on and on.... 

I feel so sad that these people can't appreciate the world moves on and that change in the world enable the creation of guitars and modern music in the first place and to moan like this is just beyond me.... truly it is so pathetic....


  1. I think people get worked up over the wrong things to mask their real problems. Sad.