Friday, 16 January 2015

New Music

2015 has started with a few terrific new discoveries.

Firstly a duo from middle England who are just terrific - if you loved The Civil Wars then listen here....

The first edition of Acoustic Magazine to drop through my door this year had a freebie CD collection of new music, a bit all over the place as a collection but a couple of jems from it. First we have Jamie Beau and The Mill - love his backing singers by the way, my kind of guys ;-)

Next up we have Jess and The Bandits - I found this live one of them... excellent

Lastly my pre-release copy of False Lights CD dropped through the drop yesterday. Again I'm loving this album it really is the best thing in Folk Rock at the moment. This is the stunning album closer - Crossing the Bar lyrics courtesy of Lord Tennyson.


  1. The Shires have obviously watched the 20 Years Ago video and said 'we can do this.' However, they're nowhere near. Shame, because her voice isn't too bad. It's just that they look way too earnest and are both trying way too hard.

    1. They aren't as good - the emotion just isn't there in the performance. You may like their more upbeat stuff they have a fluffy country rock single "Friday Night" out which perhaps is more where they should concentrate. However I thought this was a worthy effort

  2. Wye oak - civilian (acoustic)