Friday, 30 January 2015

All change...

Have you noticed the massive change to the blog?


Not surprised but I've linked it to Google+ - I doubt it'll increase interest or traffic much.  But I did pause just before clicking.  Since now if you do gaze to the bar on the right... notice the profile?  I'm no longer Furtheron I have to be Graham Hunt (who?).  Since I've been blogging about music, guitars, recording, playing, writing, listening, reading, family, life and recovery since 2006 I've been Furtheron which came from my first blog "Further on Up the Road".  Which I deleted some years back in a fit of some daftness or other.

Now of course I'm also Furtheron in the Wordpress sphere and have a separate blog where I talk about life stuff.   I just thought it somehow fitted better having two blogs.  But on there I've mostly been outed to so people often comment back "so... Graham... "  etc.

The only real concern is that I do hear ruffle against one of the guiding traditions of AA - to remain anonymous.  I try to emphasise my point of view is always my own, I'm no spokeperson for AA and personally for me I disagree with the widely held view that AA members should extend Tradition 11 to the internet.  This isn't a broadcast medium to me like the tv, radio, film, press etc.  This is my little space in a community where I say "Hi, I'm Graham.  I'm into guitars and music.  Oh and I'm a recovering alcoholic."     Literature in AA talks about it being important that we as people for whom the 12 step programme is working tell people that so that others may in time find that solution to potentially.  I see this kind of blogging as that no one pays for it and it is not forced into anyone at all.  Also I do try to remember Tradition 12 - it is about principles not personalities.  This is not about me ego building or gaining a following - there are plenty of sober gurus out there who'll do that ... often asking for a paypal donation along the way.  That is me...    "I'm Graham.  I'm a guitarist and an alcoholic."


  1. Tell me about Google, Graham. You know my Blog is powered by Blogger/Blogpost. Is it worth moving across?

    1. I don't know I only did it since in the past I've had some Google+ shares I couldn't trace as a blogger profile. I also think it'll be obligatory at some point as Google will want to phase out blogger profiles as it doesn't give them enough personal data on you

  2. Love that you're "out" on this blog...although it did freak me out a little to see a real name in my reader. I love how you came up with Furtherton...I just thought that was your last name!

    I think this is more about Step 11 (at least I think that's the one) about sharing your experience to help others. You do that every time you post my friend.

    Although I will admit that while I found both blogs entertaining, I understand the other much more that this one. This is the one I save for the hubs to read since he's a guitarist.


  3. Like you said, there's a difference between blogging under your real name for ego and another to present yourself as a regular person who happens to be an alcoholic too. Ugh, sober gurus. You always inspire me and make me think, and I'm glad you're here posting away.