Thursday, 6 November 2014

Final Assembly

I've completed the final assembly on the 12 string.

First the string ferrules at the back.

Then the Tuners... so many tuners!

One minor mod, like all my electric guitars I've fitted this with Schaller strap locks - I've used these on everything for so many years now it is just a default for me.

Final wiring up.

Waiting for stringing.

Fitting the string tree and getting it strung up was one of the most challenging and stressful bits of the build!

Finally all strung up.  It plays!  The wiring mods all work.  It needs a lot of set up work, the g pair in particular are way out in intonation initially.  I need to look at the intonation, action, nut depths and adjust the pickups.   I'll let is settle for a day or so then have a slow look, might take one or two stabs I think.  Also I will finally restring with some better strings - those on it now came with the kit but I've bought some Ernie Balls which I'll use in the final set up.


  1. It sure is pretty! What kind of pickups again, noiseless? Do you use EB Super Slinkys?

    1. Now... let's talk strings! :-) Actually might be worth a blog post.

      On electrics now I use Regular Slinky. I used to use Regular Slinky on Gibson scale and super slinky or hybrid slinky on fender scale... then I bought the PRS!

      In the end I decided that was a route to madness so now it is Regular on anything.

      For this I'm going to the 12string slinky - which has a light 8 on the top - but on acoustics I normally go light(er) with 12 strings and tune down a semi tone - I'll follow the Eflat tuning on this one as well.

    2. Oh Yeah - sorry... pickups. No these are what came in the kit. However whilst they work they aren't spectacular. I'm wondering about an upgrade. Possibly some Wilkinsons they are really good (those I put in the tele are super) and cheap compared with many replacements.

  2. Looking great! What a great feeling when you string it up and it works! I can't imagine setting this one up though. Makes setting up my friend's floyd rose guitar seem easy.
    I am curious if you buy a new set of strap locks for every guitar and a new strap or just new strap lock buttons for every guitar and use an existing strap with strap locks.

    1. Normally I buy a new set for each guitar and have a specific strap for each guitar, I like them to sit at different heights depending on the guitar itself etc.

      I bought these in a little shop at the seaside a few weeks back when I noticed it and wondered in. I have bought the "copy" ones for some guitar and they are ok and the locks interchangable. But as I say I rarely do that

  3. You'd think the kit would have decent strings in it Anyone willing to take the time to put together their own instrument isn't going to want crappy strings.

    It looks beautiful. I wish I had those kinds of skills.