Tuesday, 18 November 2014

CD Reviews - Uriah Heep - The Outsider and Blair Dunlop - House of Jacks

Uriah Heep - The Outsider. 

 I've passed by Uriah Heep over the years. I remember really liking Conquest back about 1980 and there last album had some good stuff on it but... The Outsider the first one they've done since long standing bass player Trevor Bolder. I gave it a listen on Spotify - I found myself repeatedly playing it so when my sister gave me an Amazon voucher for my birthday I bought the CD... I'm an old Luddite and still love to have the CD in my grubby mits!

 Just brilliant - great searing vocals, stomping drums and bass, super riffing guitar work and above it all a throbbing Hammond Organ! Yes part of the "Heep sound" since Ken Hensley was in the band and still brilliantly there front and centre. You can do what you like with synth patches and what have you but in great rock a Hammond just has such a great warm sound. The Opener Speed of Sound is a punchy jump to your feet rocker and that mode continues throughout. Is Anybody Gonna Help Me, Jessie and Kiss the Rainbow are other favourites of mine but there is no dud track on this album at all... buy it and ROCK!

 Blair Dunlop - House of Jacks. 

 Blair is Ashley Hutchings son. Who? Well if you are into English Folk Rock Ashley has been a legend for years with stints in The Albion Band, Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. I love his last album and this is better! Great songs, well written. His guitar playing and singing are top notch throughout. Some of the songs deal with difficult issues like the albums first track and initial single release - Somethings Gonna Give Way - which is about a young lad persecuted at school, a traveller who ends up resorting to violence to make his mark. Dark stuff but well exectued. You can listen to the album on Soundcloud via Blair's site.  I urge you to.

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