Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pedal Board Project

For many years now I've been talking (mostly to myself... oh that's another post...) about building a pedal board.  I have a bunch of pedals on the floor next to my Hughes and Kettner amp.  When ever I'm off playing I normally just take those I really really need.  But that is a pain and unpluging, setting up, breaking down, resetting up at home etc. is a pain...  and they "wander" over the floor, under the hifi unit etc.

So finally I'm in the process of sorting out a pedal board.  Might take a while as I have a list of household chores to do as long as my arm but anyway I'm up and running.

First steps...   I drew out a plan on some old scrap wall paper to get the size I need and check layout etc.  I then thought I really need to finally get the compressor I've wanted.  So I left a space on plan - went onto the computer and one of those "weekly deal" emails from a company I'd previously bought for had landed in my inbox, I opened it half expecting to hit the usual "delete" straight away and there was... a used but good condition Boss CS3 - just what I wanted, about half price.  Before you can say "What is the password for my Paypal account" it was being dispatched :-)

I looked at some additional cables, needed due to the compressor being added and a layout change from how I've cabled up previously and I thought I'd try out the Planetwaves Solderless Pedal Board cable kit after looking about and seeing a couple of YouTube reviews of it.  It was marginally cheaper on price than getting some cables made up but I was more attracted to the ability to get a cable just the length I wanted not 2cm too short or 27cm too long.  I'll be reviewing this as part of this project too.  I also ordered an additional 9volt daisy chain power distribution cable.  The one I ordered (which arrived the next day!) is much better quality and design than the Boss ones I already have, the lengths are longer between plugs which'll be better for the non-Boss pedals I've got on the board.

So ... stay tuned as this takes shape.... 


  1. Don't forget to post some pictures (maybe the plans too?) so we can see the final result, been considering doing this too, what materials will you be using?

    Good Luck!

  2. I will def stay tuned, want to see how this shapes up.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. I have a multi pedal because I'm too rudimentary to really know how to use pedals well. I've admired pedal boards, though.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!