Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pedal Board Project update

I found a spare afternoon, got out the jigsaw, drill and screwdriver and tackled the pedal board project I mentioned the other week.

I had a sheet of 6mm MDF board that I'd bought as part of a model railway project with my son some years back.  It'd been sat in the garage for a long time - you might note some odd staining on it due to what it has been sat behind.  The wood was some off cuts from a shed roof repair job a year or so ago.  So far so good.  No additional cost!  Haha!

 So here we start - my test diagram - life size on some old wall paper.

Next cut out the mdf board... the two pieces will become clear in a moment...

 Here I've cut out two bits of wood that'll form the sides and just drilled the holes.   Next glue and screw the wood end pieces and a couple of supports too...

Then put the top of the back section as I wanted the pedals at the back to be lifted above the ones at the front, esp as I have a wah and vol pedal there.

Finally a test pedal fit.  This isn't the final layout, the phaser at least will come down onto the lower front part and I need a couple of extra leads made up to get the vol pedal and guvnor overdrive wired in - although I very rarely use the guvnor with my amp - it is really a "get me out of jail" card to be used if my amp fails and I need to plug into the PA.  However it is looking good so far.  Next step is to finalise the layout and cabling and then fix them all to the board.


  1. Looking great! I need to sit down and do something like this.
    So, a couple of questions:
    1. How much does it weigh?
    2. How will you carry it?
    3. What power supply do you use? Is it under the back shelf?
    4. Do you have any "always on" pedals that will go under the back shelf?

    1. Not weighed it without pedals easy to carry one handed weight all in the pedals.

      I have put one handle on the side thinking I need another to help with two handed carry.

      D.C. Is an old Frontline one bought years ago yes will be in the gap top right.

      Only always on is the vol pedal which also has a mild boost