Thursday, 19 June 2014

Pedal Board finished.

Ok so here it is the completed board!!

"Hang on!" you say... "that's smaller"... yes yes, I had to admit that it was too bloody big.  So I cut a bit off the back shelf to allow the vol and wah to go back and viola a more compact solution.  I ended up with the chorus on the front row as it is one of my most used effects. First outing for live use this Sunday hopefully.

I used the Planet Waves pedal board kit to make up some of the cables - it works out about £9 a cable which isn't cheap but you can make the cables to custom lengths easily which is great.  Very easy to use, cut the cable with the cutter provided, undo the little screw on the jack, carefully push the cable home using a little back and forth movement, do the screw up and ... finished cable.

I removed the rubber feet off the wah and vol pedals to help fit them on the board better.  I've kept them safe in case of needing them again in the future.

Other thing I used was pedal board tape - pricey but a lot of people recommend over dress-shop Velcro.

Finally tidy up some cables with cable ties attach a couple of handles to help carry it and I'm looking like a bloody pro! 

You can see here how I cut back the shelf for the more compact mk 2 design.

For the really geeky of you here is a schematic showing the signal path - it is pretty straight forward. 


  1. That's a good bit of kit right there.

  2. Can you post a vid of each one in action?

  3. This is on my bucket list... if i'm ever going to get serious (doubtful) about playing out, i need at least a couple of effects at my um... toetips? Looks like a very good rig!

  4. Looks great! Well done on cutting out a portion for the wah and volume pedals. Was it hard to cut off some of the bottom shelf? The compact version looks fantastic!
    So what are the final measurements of the pedal board and how much does it weigh?

  5. Love it! It didn't take you long.

  6. Hope the first outing went well.
    (I mostly just looked at the pictures.)