Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Way down in Alabam'

Another obtuse 1970's lyric reference... Ram Jam from "Black Betty" - which probably is a song that no self-respecting label would put out now given it's colour references.  Anyway - the line before the totally off topic title of this post is "She's from Birmingham".   Luckily it was via my interest in music that I learnt there are (at least) two Birminghams in the world - one in Alabam' (sic) and one in the West Midlands, which I knew about already, Jasper Carrot supported the football team there that didn't do as well as Aston Villa.  Funny to look back on stuff like that but frankly that was probably how I really did learn stuff like that in that way.

So why is that in my head today?  Because Son-of-Furtheron and his better half have moved to said fair city to start the next phase of their lives PhD studentships!  They are both starting PhDs in the next few weeks, S-o-F will be commuting to Leicester and doing something to do with the magnetosphere of Saturn and his girlfriend working at Birmingham on Helioseismology.  They collected the keys and moved in yesterday.

So what does this mean for yours truly?  Well firstly I'm off in a van tomorrow to deliver a flat load of various goods, clothes, books, kitchen utensils, guitars, amps, surround sound systems, TVs, Computers... you name it I'll have it in the van!

Secondly this is it.  This is really him moving out - before he's gone off to uni but always kept the main base as home.  For example the surround sound was something he got as a present maybe 10 years ago or so for games, films, playing music through.  It has always stayed at home until now and it was carefully disassembled the other night ready for the move.  He will no longer have the long holidays when he'll be "home", now he'll pop in when he is "visiting".  Time to get used to a step change in our lives, even though this year of course he was fully away up in the Arctic for nearly 6 months.

Tomorrow will also be AS results day for Daughter-of-Furtheron which will guide the decisions about A2s and what universities she'll be applying to later in the year.  This time next year I'll be blogging about her (fingers crossed) getting the place she wants and then a month or so later I'll be telling you about moving her into her first university accommodation etc.  Well that is the expected plan and hopefully it'll all come together well.  But then it'll be mostly just me and Mrs F at home for long chunks of time.  I think our 4 bedroom family house might start to feel a little big for just the two of us.


  1. Got that sodding song stuck in my head now, thanks! . . It best be gone by the morning. x

  2. Actually, Black Betty, with dance mixes, is in heavy rotation for spin classes. I don't know what the lyrics are aside from "Black Betty rama lam," but they could've been toned down from the original?

    The song is great for sprints.

    I can relate to your empty nest. My son is off to college in two weeks and because if the co-op system at his school, may only stop by home for holidays. Which we are never home for but rather at in-laws.

    Didn't you just paint your house? Can't move yet ;)

  3. awhhh black betty, weird this I played it twice last night and sang my heart needed some wringing...and ramjam does the job well..
    saz x

  4. This is a big deal. You'll remember that delivery for the rest of your days. Might even write a song about it!

    The two Birminghams couldn't be further apart. That song is now rattling around inside my nut. Thanks. Sort of.

  5. Children are the only relationships we cultivate with the intention that they go. So much of our lives given to their foundation. And if we have done it well, they go after their dreams. Well done!

  6. Ram Jam is a great running song too, I've got it in a few running playlists. A lot of the DJs will use it for mixes and mashups.

    Exciting stuff on the horizon for your children. Best of luck to them!

  7. Such a touching post. On the one hand, what amazing children you and your wife have raised! They sound brilliant and responsible and good hearted. The flip side of this is that you now have the pain of letting them go be adults and that "what's next?" feeling. Hopefully this part will be fleeting and you can focus on all the good, fun stuff. Exciting times, thanks for sharing them with us.

  8. But just when you think they've gone for good they turn up again! So don't downsize yet!

  9. I can see you being used as a bit of a free hotel for a while yet!

  10. Thought of You and YOUR SPIRIT after seeing n hearing Robert Randolph and The Family Band with Noah's Arcade in Chicago at The Park West courtesy of STICKFIGHT Dave !!


  11. Nice to know that S-O-F is off, but my advice would be to keep a room ready. He'll be back. Mine has left and returned 3 times so far.