Saturday, 10 August 2013

Man Inside Review

I got a great review off a site called Red Label Reviews.  I submitted my album a while back but you know it has sat in the queue waiting, part of me thought, "Oh they listened to it and binned it" that negative self-defeatist bit of me.  But not a bit of it ... it got a really good review.

Read it here...

But here is the verdict section...

"Graham Hunt’s music is different in a good way. He clearly has worked well to add his own creative edge to acoustic music, by incorporating many different styles and techniques from other genres, yet keeping a firm acoustic feel present. For that reason, I highly suggest you check this album and his other music works."

Not only was it a positive review the selection of tracks they talk about in detail they have clearly listened intently and picked up on things I know are there either intentionally or simply by happy accident etc.

So please go and read the review and if you want to listen / download the album then go to my Soundcloud area where the album is available to listen and download...

Through this I've had contact via Twitter with a local store of a national high street music retailer and they have expressed interest in stocking my album in physical CD form.  All needs clearance from their management but it is a hopeful sign as well.


  1. Wow! That's brilliant. Congratulations. There's nothing like a positive review from an unbiased party - true validation. Hopefully the shop you mention will be able to stock it too and who knows what else might lead on from there?! It's so nice to read when this kind of thing happens.

  2. Ahhhhhhh!!!! This is friggin fraggin fantastic! Congratulations!

    I'm so excited - I have goosebumps!


  3. Congratulations! As the proud owner of the album, I can say you earned the glowing review.

  4. This is really great news! 10,000 congrats. Who doesn't want a little affirmation now and again? Hope it's the start of something big.

  5. Congrats! I enjoyed the write up and wish you all the best. Looking forward to reading/hearing what happens next!

  6. That's great for you!!! I'll have to go listen one of these days. I've heard one or two songs only so far.

  7. Hey there... so appreciating your comments on my blog. Will definitely check out your music .. I've had trouble commenting on your site before so hopefully this one goes through. Also just realised I was 'following' you but didn't have you on my blogroll on my site.. but have just remedied that! Here's to us fabulous sober people !! Lots of love from New Zealand xxxx

  8. I've listened a few of your have such a special timber..."The man inside" is a very interesting song :)...Congrats for the review and good luck with your album.

  9. Brilliant Graham well done--i'ts such a boost when someone "gets" what you're doing.